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Brussels South Charleroi Airports chooses Airware to install self-service solution for improved customer experience

Brussels South Charleroi Airport, a vital link to over 190 destinations, has joined forces with Airware to enhance the passenger journey.


This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the airport's ongoing commitment to enhancing the passenger experience. The focus of this partnership is to reduce waiting times and improve the ease of the baggage drop process, a common pain point for passengers.

Air travel, while efficient, can sometimes be marred by lengthy queues and complications during baggage drop. Brussels South Charleroi Airport recognised the need for a streamlined solution to enhance passenger satisfaction in this crucial area.

Airware offers a unique payment system as part of the core smartphone solution. This system transforms the way passengers handle excess baggage charges by allowing direct payments to airlines, eliminating any involvement of third parties. Not only does this expedite payments, but it also removes the need for additional payment devices within the airport.


The collaboration between Brussels South Charleroi Airport and Airware presents several key advantages:

Faster Processing: Passengers can anticipate reduced waiting times and faster baggage drop processing, contributing to a more efficient and less stressful airport experience.

Enhanced Convenience: The direct payment to airlines simplifies the entire process, making it more convenient for passengers.

Cost Efficiency: The elimination of third-party payment devices can lead to cost savings for the airport, which can be reinvested in further improvements.

Streamlined Operations: Direct reconciliation within passenger app streamlines airport operations and reduces administrative complexity.


Brussels South Charleroi Airport's partnership with Airware underscores its dedication to enhancing the passenger experience and staying ahead in aviation innovation. Airware's innovative solution promises shorter wait times, smoother transactions, and an overall improved airport journey. This collaboration sets a positive example for other airports seeking to modernise operations and enhance customer satisfaction in today's competitive market.


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