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Airware installation with Ryanair at Dublin Airport features in the national press

Ryanair, celebrated for its pioneering spirit in the aviation sector, reveals new ground-breaking self-service kiosks at Dublin Airport, marking a significant stride forward in passenger convenience and operational efficiency.


In a strategic collaboration with Airware, a technology solutions provider leading the way for mobile transformation in aviation, Ryanair has harnessed cutting-edge innovation to reshape the baggage drop process.

Ryanair has succeeded in reducing baggage drop times to an impressive maximum of three minutes, quickly and conveniently done from the passenger’s smartphone. This pioneering development redefines passenger expectations and heralds the new era of the smartphone passenger experience.

At present, the first six state-of-the-art kiosks are fully operational within Dublin Airport's Terminal 1, stationed at the exclusive baggage drop zone dedicated to Ryanair. The kiosks are designed exclusively for checking in bags using the Ryanair mobile app and generating baggage tags.

Guided by clearly marked 'Express Bag Check-in' floor decals and vibrant yellow signage inviting passengers to 'Beat the Queues,' passengers are effortlessly directed to the kiosks. The user-friendly process involves interacting with a compact circular display that boasts a QR code for rapid scanning. This seamless experience reimagines conventional baggage drop-offs and embraces a technology-driven approach for smooth, hassle-free transactions.

Eddie Wilson, CEO of Ryanair, affirmed the airline's vision: "Our focus is entirely on self-service. Arrive, tap your phone, your details ascend to the cloud, all while occupying a fraction of the airport's floor space."

Wilson continued,

"The lessons of the pandemic have underscored the importance of swift security clearance. Travellers seek clean facilities, a cup of coffee, a prompt boarding process, and a timely arrival at their destination."

He added,

"Passengers aim to reach their destination punctually, with economical fares, and without the anxiety of misplaced luggage."

Ryanair has ambitious plans to extend the presence of these advanced kiosks to Cork and Shannon airports by the end of June. "These innovations are destined for deployment across several European airports," affirmed Wilson.

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About Ryanair:
Ryanair, an industry leader in low-cost air travel, is dedicated to providing affordable yet exceptional travel experiences. Driven by innovation and customer-centric values, Ryanair continues to redefine the boundaries of aviation for the benefit of its valued passengers.

About Airware:
Airware, a pioneering technology solutions provider, at the forefront of the mobile transformation within the aviation industry. With a commitment to committed partnerships and a strong customer focus, Airware consistently delivers cutting-edge advancements that enhance experiences and operational efficiencies.


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